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Joint NQT and RQT Celebration CPD Session

In this session on Monday we looked at the work of Barak Rosenshine.  He has distilled research on master teachers and research on cognitive science into ten principles of effective instruction (or ‘teaching’, as we say on this side of the pond).

The wonderful illustrator, Oliver Caviglioli, has created a poster of the ten principles:

Rosenshine Principles of Instruction

Rosenshine’s full article can be found here.  The poster is from here.

Blog of the Week: 13 December 2017 – 10 Reasons to Love Teaching


1. Doing the things you love while you’re at work

It has always struck me as remarkable and fortuitous that I am paid to do a job where I get to have so much fun. In my lessons, I have the chance to explore my favourite subject – Physics. Today I was talking about space, time and gravity with my Y13s; on Monday I took my Y9s outside to make a scale model of the solar system on the field. I had as much fun as anyone. Earlier, my colleagues were getting excited that our Cosmic Ray Detector, built over several years from scratch, was sparking nicely. Teaching is full of those moments – if you create them.

But it’s not just the joy of teaching your subject specialism – you can do all kinds of other things: play in the orchestra, watch or direct a drama production, go on…

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