Blog of the Week: 22 April 2022 – Forming meaning

Evidence for Educators

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Exposition… explanation… ‘I do’…

The parts of the lesson where we introduce new ideas, concepts or processes may be the most perilous of all. They may determine the fate of the new memory trace (at least until recall) (Albo & Graff, 2018).

Let’s say I’m teaching Romeo and Juliet and I’m explaining what’s meant by ‘star-crossed lovers’.

If my pupils are paying attention and therefore, if they are encoding (forming a memory trace) related to what I’m saying, even then, this trace is fragile – prone to forgetting.

What’s more, if pupils form the new knowledge, I can’t be sure they’ve taken away the meaning I was trying to convey!

In some ways, teaching pupils a new idea is akin to attempting the intact delivery of a delicate ornament across potentially perilous terrain… blindfolded.

Two main problems we face when trying to get…

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