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Each week there will be a recommended blog post that appears here, with a link to the blogger’s Twitter profile, where possible.  The aim is to share interesting, informative, thought-provoking blog posts that will encourage reflection and promote discussion about teaching and learning.

Please feel free to make suggestions for a future blog of the week.

8 February 2019
Core and hinterland: What’s what and why it matters
Adam Boxer

1 February 2019
Forming good habits, breaking bad habits: what works?
Harry Fletcher-Wood

25 January 2019
What do we mean by ‘knowledge rich’ anyway?
Alex Quigley

17 January 2019
Lightbulb moments with The Learning Scientists
Sallie Stanton

11 January 2019
Curriculum: Truth and Beauty
Ruth Walker


14 December 2018
KS3 getting more focus because of new GCSEs, says MAT director
John Roberts in conversation with Hywel Jones

7 December 2018
Amanda Spielman launches Ofsted’s Annual Report
Amanda Spielman

16 November 2018
How Teachers Implement Interleaving In Their Curriculum
The Learning Scientists

9 November 2018
Teaching to the Top: Attitudes and strategies for delivering real challenge
Tom Sherrington

2 November 2018
What are disciplinary and substantive knowledge?
Kris Boulton

19 October 2018
A focus on knowledge: Vocabulary rich teaching
Dawn Cox

12 October 2018
E-Coli and Quality First Teaching
Ruth Walker

5 October 2018
Beyond Knowledge Organisers; Building the Best Curriculum in the World
Jon Hutchinson

21 September 2018
HMCI commentary: curriculum and the new education inspection framework
Amanda Spielman

14 September 2018
Five ideas for boosting your CPD
Bridget Clay

20 July 2018
Daisy II
Julian Merson

13 July 2018
Comparative judgment: 21st century assessment
Daisy Christodoulou

6 July 2018
The Importance of Teaching ‘High Culture’
Martin Robinson

29 June 2018
“Do Now”
Jo Facer

22 June 2018
What if we cannot measure pupil progress?
Becky Allen

15 June 2018
Is it more important to understand than to know?
Michael Fordham

8 June 2018
What is a knowledge-rich curriculum? Principle and Practice.
Tom Sherrington

25 May 2018
My Teaching: Nine Things I’ve Changed
Douglas Wise

18 May 2018
This much I know about… subject specific pedagogy
John Tomsett

11 May 2018
How should students revise? A brief guide
Carl Hendrick

4 May 2018
Teachers’ time is our most precious resource
Rosalind Walker

28 April 2018
Going Data Naked
Clare Sealy

20 April 2018
Knowledge in the classroom
Mark Enser

28 March 2018
ResearchEd Blackpool – 30 things to go and tell your colleagues
Ben Gordon

23 March 2018
15 Myths about memory and learning
Andy Tharby

1 March 2018
New findings on secondary students’ negative views about setting
Dr Antonina Tereshchenko

22 February 2018
When do novices become experts?
David Didau

7 February 2018
When do the 6 Strategies for Effective Learning Work Best?
The Learning Scientists

2 February 2018
Hornets and Butterflies: how to reduce workload
Joe Kirby

24 January 2018
Top 10 Revision Strategies
Alex Quigley

19 January 2018
Ten principles for great explicit teaching
Ben Newmark

12 January 2018
The ‘Intervention’ beast
Carly Moran

3 January 2018
Rethinking marking and feedback. It’s all about the response.
Tom Sherrington

13 December 2017
10 Reasons to Love Teaching
Tom Sherrington

6 December 2017
What makes a good formative assessment?
Daisy Christodoulou