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Blog of the Week: 22 November 2019 – Not just a run in the park


Independent survey commissioned by UK-based charity parkrun gets more than 60,000 responses and shows that volunteering has a bigger impact on health and wellbeing than just running or walking.

The first weekend of October 2019 sees the 15th anniversary of parkrun. To mark the occasion, parkrun UK have released results from an independent survey, proving that participation in parkrun really does make people healthier and happier, and not just from running or walking.

The survey showed that more people who volunteer at parkrun feel an improved sense of happiness compared to those who just walk or run.

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Blog of the Week: 14 December 2018 – KS3 getting more focus because of new GCSEs, says MAT director

By John Roberts, TES

Hywel Jones of Astrea AcademiesThere is an increasing focus on schools developing a strong key stage 3 curriculum that is being driven by GCSE reforms and Ofsted, according to a high-profile academy trust director.

Hywel Jones, who has just been appointed as a deputy director of education of Astrea Academies, says that more schools are investing time in developing what they teach pupils in the early stages of secondary school.

And Mr Jones, who has joined Astrea from Inspiration Trust, where he was primary director, has said that multi-academy trusts are well placed to develop “a sequenced curriculum…


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