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Blog of the Week: 12 October 2018 – E. Coli and Quality First Teaching

There has been an outbreak of the E. coli bacterium at the Bella Sophia restaurant.

The local hospital has reported that patients being treated for the bug fall into two “key groups”: babies and the elderly.

Public health officials have called for the restaurant to improve on this situation. The restaurant owners are considering a few options. One is to collect data when orders are taken and to cook the food for twice as long as normal for those customers who are over the age of 65.  Another strategy is preparing food for babies using specially sterilised utensils.

Wait, what? This would be crazy. But I think this is what we often do when we look at closing the gap for underachieving groups in our classrooms.

I’m not going to get into interpreting noise as signal, that’s been done exquisitely elsewhere. I’ll assume we’ve got a group, such as boys…

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