Blog of the Week: 25 March 2022 – Schemas determine what we learn

Evidence for Educators

I’m teaching the class about a poem we’ve read. I tell them the poet is writing about love. But instead of writing ‘love’, the poet uses a different word… a euphemism for love. The poet has repeated the same line with the euphemism in it across every verse.

“Why have they done this year 10? Write down your answer.”

I walk around the room.

Some pupils seem to ‘get’ what I’m saying. They’re writing about the poet being in denial, or afraid… the use of repetition reaches a crescendo reflecting the poet’s desperation to say how they feel.

But other pupils are writing generically: the poet is using repetition to emphasise something or other.

And some pupils have totally misunderstood: they say the poet isn’t really in love or they’d just say so.

Why is this happening?

One major reason: there is a…

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